Sophie Kathleen Kozeluh

(c) Ine&Thomas Photography

Sophie Kathleen Kozeluh is an actress, singer and part-time English teacher from Vienna, Austria. She first joined the English Lovers as an improviser for trainings and all-round fun at Theater Drachengasse in 2009. Since their en-suite productionSnowed In!in December 2018 she can proudly call herself a full-fledged Lover, and has been involved in concept development and staging of multiple improv productions. She has taken part in trainings and workshops with noted international improvisers such as Frank Totino (Keith Johnstone Method), Inbal Lori and Ruth Bratt. She has also performed as a singer and actress in scripted shows both in English and German, in and around Vienna. Sophie is due to perform at StudioMolière in Noel Coward’sRelative Valuesin October 2021 for Art 4 Charity.

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